Our NF series is a cost effective approach—the most cost effective in the industry—to providing a fiberglass NEMA 4x enclosure. Available in five sizes, the fiberglass reinforced plastic provides outstanding protection against chemicals and is impervious to dents.

With the stainless steel screws (which are captive, holding it in place), stainless steel hinge, and stainless steel wall mount brackets included, you have everything you need for a turnkey application. In addition, Bud includes the stainless steel panel for mounting your components to the inside of the box without damaging the integrity of the unit.

With its high-quality gasket and the holes already drilled with studs on the bottom for wall mounting capability, this is the ideal unit for your application, which provides you with all the standard components at a price that is unmatched within the industry all included.

With its UL 508 4x rating these are the perfect enclosures for many applications, from instrument cases and controls housings to junction boxes and terminal wiring enclosures.

For more information on the Bud NF series and Bud’s complete line of plastic and metal enclosures, check our website at www.budind.com or call us at (440) 946-3200.