Bud Industries offers a diverse line of products targeted to the industrial controls industry. One of the most successful is our DMX series that provides an attractive option for securing your boards in an easy to install and easy to mount enclosure. Made from durable extruded aluminum with plastic panels that comes in two standard colors and the intrical DIN rail clips provide rapid mounting to the DIN rails that often populate control boxes. With their drop in EPDM gaskets that provide an IP66 level of protection, they are perfect for any industrial or outdoor location allowing for cost savings by not having to seal the entire control, but offers a variety of accessories including the boards that slide right into the enclosure in both IR and clear panels, but will also do modifications on this box to turn it into a turnkey unit for you.

For more information on the Bud HP series and Bud’s complete line of plastics and metal enclosures, check our website at https://www.budind.com/ or call us at (440) 946-3200.