Bud has recently introduced a new Server Rack line, the SRP professional series, designed to provide ideal mounting for servers at a great price.  In addition, Bud includes many features in our low price that most manufacturers only sell as extras.

This Bud server rack is available in three heights—27U or 47.25″ , 42U or 73.5″ and 45U or 78.75″—and each height enclosure comes in 2 depths (36″ and 44″). It comes standard in this durable powder coat black finish.

  • Made of 18 ga. Steel with 14 ga. panel mounting rails, its sturdy welded construction has a 1700 lb weight capacity.
  • The Fully Ventilated locking front door that can be mounted either left or right.
  • Its Split rear door has a solid triple point latching system.
  • The Two pairs of panel mounting rails come with a unique notches and numbers at “u” increments to ease equipment installation .
  • They are fully adjustable front and back.
  • A Fan box with 4 fans is installed.
  • Casters and all necessary hardware are included.
  • It Includes ventilated shelves (one with 27U cabinet and two with 42U and 45 U cabinets).
  • There are 6 cable management brackets.
  • The sides are easily removable to allow quick assembly access.
  • The base is completely open for convenient cable access.
  • Top cable access is provided by covered slots.
  • Comes fully assembled.

Bud’s new Server Rack line is the perfect complement to any server installation…and they are in stock at Bud and available through Bud’s distributor network today. Call us to discuss installation or cooling details at 440-946-3200 or visit us on the web at www.budind.com.