Bud Industries has a unique solution to mounting your boards on a DIN rail. Our new DIN Rail Multi-Board Box is created for rapid assembly and multiple uses, creating the perfect flexible electronics enclosure.

First, the unit requires no fasteners, with all components snapping together. It accepts up to three pc boards, each of which can snap into place. As you see, you can snap in your smallest board first, then the middle size board, and finally your largest board is secured by the snap-on base. The unit also has a cover on the top to protect your smallest board.

Also equipped to manage small terminal blocks, the quickly removable covers have snap-off “teeth” to provide access to the terminals as well as pop-out circular wire access.

Available in five standard sizes, the unit then has the normal DIN rail mount provisions.

All of the details for our DIN enclosure, including board sizes accommodated and detailed drawings, please see us on the web at www.budind.com, call us at 440-946-3200, or email us at saleseast@budind.com. Thank you.