The Bud Valuline 19 inch rack box is one of our most popular products and its flexibility and ease of assembly make it an ideal product for any rackmount or desktop application. By shipping it unassembled, it allows you to rapidly install your equipment, then build the unit around your components. In this video, we will assume that you have done your installation and are ready to complete the valuline.

The first step is to review the instruction sheet and sort the components, especially the hardware. Note that the top, bottom, front panel and rear panel come protected with surface shield paper. If you have removed the paper, we urge you to build your unit on a protected surface to avoid scratches.

It is easiest to install the handles and then the brackets first. Install the handles to the front of each side using the flat head screws. Then line up the rack mount bracket with the holes in the front of the side along with the inner brackets. Screw both brackets into place using the shorter 10-32 screws, then repeat on the other side.

Now that the brackets are installed, it is time to connect the sides to the base of the unit. Note that the top and bottom are identical. Be sure that the flange that has a slight gap is to the rear of the unit. Line up one side to the holes in the base and screw into place using the 6-32 screws. Repeat with the second side.

Align the back panel so that the holes in the panel match the holes in the base and in the side. Screw them into place using the 6-32 screws. Place the top on the sides and over the rear panel being sure to line up all of the holes and making sure the more open slot in the top is properly located. Screw the unit into place again using the 6-32 screws.

The front panel install to the inner bracket only. Line it up and attach the screws using the shorter 10-32 screws. Your unit is now ready to install into any 19″ rack with the provided hardware.

Thank you for buying a Bud valuline and please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us via email at or by calling 440-946-3200. Thank you.