Hello, my name is Josiah Haas, national sales manager of Bud Industries. I’m here to introduce the high-style, low-cost Budrack Professional Series 19″ cabinet rack. It comes complete with many accessories that other competitors would charge for. It also is constructed of sturdy steel material and is available in three different heights and two different depths. It comes with a ventilated, tempered-glass door, with the events on the side to make air flow accessible. It comes with easily removable locking sides. And it also has a solid steel locking back door. It comes with two pairs of fully adjustable mounting rails, and it also has a unique notching system.

For every U, there’s a unique notch, making it easier to mount equipment. It comes complete with an installed fan box, which has two or four fans, depending on the depth of the rack. It comes with a ventilated shelf, either one or two, depending on the heights. It has a cut-out in the bottom of the rack with 2 ½ inch covers, and you can take these off depending on how much space you need available. It also has cut-outs in the front and rear at the top and bottom for additional access to the rack. It also comes with castors. It has ventilation at the top and bottom. It is made of black textured powder coating.

And it comes fully assembled in a wooden crate to eliminate freight damage. Quite simply, it is the ultimate product. Great looks at a great price. These racks are in stock today and ready to order from your favorite Bud distributor. You can find out more information on our website at www.budind.com, or call us on the phone at 440-946-3200.