One of the latest editions to Bud Industries’ extensive NEMA line is the ANS Series of die cast enclosures, available in 10 sizes and in a natural finish, as well as a black smooth powder coat finish. These are the first NEMA boxes that provide a true EMI/RFI shielding. Made from durable ADC12 die cast material, these products feature a unique double channel approach to shielding. On the outside is a silicone gasket that provides for the NEMA 4X rating, as well as meeting IP67 submersible rating. The internal gasket, a metallic gasket, allows for the EMI protection, setting a high standard for both NEMA and EMI/RFI protection.

As you can see in the base, there are mounting bosses that allow for the mounting of equipment to the base without impinging on the external configuration of the box. Coincidentally, there are similar bosses in the lid that also allow for mounting in the lid. If you need to wall mount or equipment mount this enclosure, there are partial holes in the base that can be used with our ANX Series brackets to allow for perfect mounting onto your equipment without drilling holes through the base and impacting any of the NEMA or EMI/RFI ratings.

This unique series of boxes is available through your local Bud distributor. Please feel free to go to the Bud website at to obtain PDF or DXF drawings on the details of this product, as well as to check stock at your favorite Bud distributor to learn both pricing and availability. If you have any questions about this product, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (440) 946-3200.