Welcome to Bud Industries’ presentation on Bud’s BT Series plastic NEMA enclosure. Bud has introduced the first transparent NEMA 4X rated enclosure in the industry with our BT Series box. The BT Series is manufactured out of transparent blue polycarbonate material designed to reduce the need to remove the cover. It has a silicone gasket to ensure the NEMA 4X rating, and designed to IEC 52, IP65 specification. It is UV-stabilized with a UL 94 HB flammability rating. We currently carry seven sizes of the BT Series. It has various mounting bosses to hold your PC boards horizontally, or for connection of terminals.

The true benefit of the BT Series is the ability to see into the enclosure without having to drill additional cut-outs or open and close the box. As you can see here, I could put a piece of paper with writing on it inside and you’ll be able to clearly read what’s in there. The product can be modified in any transparent colors, such as a company logo color, or IR red with a minimum quantity.

For more information, please visit our website at https://www.budind.com/, or you can download free PDF and DXF drawings. Feel free to contact us at 440-946-3200.