It’s easy to stack your BudStackRack racks to make a secure, larger unit. Here’s how to do it.

Prior to stacking, each unit should be completely assembled.

To prepare for stacking, remove the four top screws from the bottom unit, and the four bottom screws from the top unit. Be sure that all stack units are the same panel height.

Place a clip nut four holes in from each corner on the bottom unit. Then lift the second unit onto the first and just screw them together using the holes that have the clip nuts.

As an option, if you want to maximize the panel space, you can remove the two front cross beams in the center of the combined unit. The cross beams at the top and bottom of the combined unit must remain. In the back, you may remove one of the two center cross beams.

For every level where there is no longer a cross beam, you will need to install an internal connecting bracket, the 44-IMB-BT, on the inside. Just put two clip nuts on each of these brackets. If there is a cross beam, then just remove the outside screws of that cross beam.

If using the rack in the horizontal position (17.5-inch panel space), add the larger connector mounting bracket. If using the rack in the vertical position (21 inch) add the shorter mounting bracket.

Add the outside mounting brackets just by reattaching all the screws, and that’s it.

If you want to add a third level, just repeat this procedure. If you have any questions, please contact us at 440-946-3200 or chat with us at