It has always been easy and cost effective to have Bud Industries modify one of our standard enclosures to provide Input/output capabilities. It has now become an even better value as Bud has acquired a new VMC milling machine that cuts the cost of modifying our standard boxes by as much as 50%, improves accuracy and speeds delivery.

We can now take one of our standard boxes, load in the drawing, and the equipment will select the proper tools. Once the box is secured, the tools are loaded, and the drilling begins. Holes, slots, cutouts, and tappings are drilled to exacting specifications with the box being automatically rotated through all sides with no need for human repositioning or new setups. With water cooling the rapid drilling, the box will be free of any metal shavings that can damage sensitive electronic equipment. Upon completion, the box is carefully inspected to insure the finest quality.

This equipment can be used on our entire range of electronic enclosures including plastic and small metal boxes as well as all NEMA polycarbonate, ABS, die cast, fiberglass and steel.

Bud Industries continues to be the leader in providing you with the best product at the best price. Call you favorite local Bud distributor or contact Bud today at 440-946-320, or email us at for more details.