Bud Industries is pleased to demonstrate the latest addition to its NEMA Enclosure line, the NEMA 3R steel cabinet. NEMA 3R cabinets are usually used outside, where they provide protection against rain, sleet, snow and dripping water.

This box is made from heavy-duty 16-gauge galvanized steel, with a drip- shielded top, and seam-free sides. The hinged cover has weather-resistant neoprene gaskets and a zinc-plated and then powder-coated padlock-able draw latch. It comes in an easy-to-clean and durable ASA gray powder coating, and it complies with NEMA and UL 50 Type 3R ratings.

Bonus features include two exterior wall-mounting brackets on the back, and easily removable concentric knock-outs on the bottom, which meet industry- standard conduit sizes. Bud also includes a zinc-plated steel internal mounting panel, which is often an added-cost accessory on competitive units. All of this at a price that is well below other major enclosure vendors.

For more information, please contact us at www.budind.com, or saleseast@budind.com, or 440-946-3200. Thank you.