For a cost-effective solution to housing valuable electronic components in hazardous environments, Bud Industries’ PN Series should be a clear choice. Designed to meet IP 65 and NEMA 1, 4, 4X, 12 and 13, the polycarbonate versions are all UL listed. With many options, there is a PN Series box to meet any of your needs.

The PN Series comes in three styles. The dark gray is made of ABS plastic providing solid protection for an indoor environment. The polycarbonate versions have light gray bodies, and either an opaque or clear lid and can be used in any appropriate environment.

All styles come with mounting bosses in the base to smooth the installation of your equipment. And they all use the installed silicon sponge gasket that provides the finest of protection. There are also versions with molded-in mounting brackets and recessed lids.

All versions of the PN Series plastic box are made to withstand hose-down conditions with both light spray and power washing making them ideal for applications from the factory floor to outdoor agriculture.

Whatever your needs, the PN Series is able to secure your components safely and cost effectively and keep them dry. Your favorite Bud distributor has all sizes and styles in stock for immediate shipment as well as information about Bud’s industry leading 5-day modifications program.

For questions about this versatile product range, check our website at or call us at (440) 946-3200.