Bud’s PTR Series Plastic Box is the best combination of environmental protection and value pricing.

These enclosures are completely made of ABS plastic, including the hinges and latches, making them ideal for applications that need a non-corrosive enclosure in markets such as marine, agriculture, Wi-Fi, RF controls, or anytime corrosive chemicals are present.

The enclosure boasts an IP67 rating, helped in part by its poured gasket, keeping components safe from factory washdowns and dust, as well as being submersible for short periods of time.

It has high impact resistance and is available in 10 sizes with either an opaque or clear cover.

Optional accessories are available, including internal panels made of either 16-gauge steel or plastic for easy component installation, wall mount brackets, air vents, and even cable glands.

Don’t forget that Bud can modify the PTR series with holes, slots, or cutouts in as little as five to six days after drawing approval. We also do digital printing.