One of the challenges for today’s user of programmable board platforms is the physical coordination of the multiple boards that may be needed. Typically, several boards, and of course, a breadboard are utilized, creating a maze of wires and connections scattered across your workstation. As the day ends, you are left to worry what the cleaning crew will do to your work or how you can pull it all apart and keep working on it at home.

To solve this problem, Bud has introduced the Board-ganizer, the first enclosure development board organizer on the market. Made of aesthetically pleasing smoke colored ABS, the board ganizer is a unique work space organizing platform that allows the user to assemble three PCB’s and shields, in addition to a breadboard, with no need for additional hardware.

The boards are attached using specially developed adhesive backed rubber feet. The fold and flatten feature makes it possible to work on a project with the boards side by side, so they can be connected and wired. When the project is ready, it can be rolled up into a compact 5x5x3 inch enclosure without disconnecting any of the wiring.

It comes complete with four side panels, two tops that just snap into place, a package of 20 adhesive rubber feet, and four pins for connecting the side panels. We also offer as accessories, a 600 or 300 tied point solder-less breadboard and a jump wire bundle for use with the breadboards. For more information, please contact your local Bud distributor, or check out our website at Email us at, or call us at 440-946-3200. Thank you.

ECN IMPACT Awards Finalist