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19"/23" Equipment Cabinet Rack

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The Bud 19 inch and 23 inch Equipment Cabinet Rack allows for the purchasing, stocking, and use of only one cabinet for all of your 19 inch and 23 inch panel width equipment installations. The unique panel mounting rail design allows the user to determine which panel width is required at the time of actual installation, eliminating expensive floor plans and equipment layouts to accommodate various cabinets for various equipment widths.  

Design Features

* Standard 84" high cabinet Rack with 27" width and 30.75" overall depth
* 78.75" panel height with choice of either 19 inch or 23 inch panel width
* Sturdy all-welded steel frame
* Four 4.00" diameter cable access ports in the top and one 9.56" square cable access hole in the bottom
* Lockable ventilated front and rear doors
* Two pairs of L-shaped panel mounting rails that accept either M6 metric or #12-24 threaded cage nuts and screws (order separately: #851-DLH [M6 cage nut], #9261 [M6 screw], #307 [#12-24 cage nut], #9260 [#12-24 screw])
* Includes one #POS-194-S Surge Suppressed Power Outlet Strip
* 1200# equipment load capacity
* Accepts most Bud accessories

Bonus Features


Sand texture (S). Available in other BUD textured finishes at no additional cost.

19"/23" Equipment Cabinet Rack
Catalog Number Drawings Panel Space Max. Clear Inside Depth Overall Dimensions Weight lbs.
Height Width Height Width Depth
DC-8010 78.75" 19" or 23" 29.25" 84.06" 27.00" 30.75" 256
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