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The Bud Turn-Key Cabinet Assemblies will accommodate all of your requirements for housing electronic equipment in a secured environment. They come completely assembled for immediate use and accept all of Bud's standard accessories. 

Design Features

*Welded steel cabinet rack similar to Economizer with louvered side panels and rear door, ventilated top suitable for FN-1282 exhaust fan.
* Accept 19" E.I.A. width panels.
*1200# equipment load capacity.
*Four 4.00" diameter cable access holes in the top and one 9.56" square hole in the base.
*Installed Locking Econoglas front door.
*Two pairs of installed full height panel mounting rails. (Use #7346 screws - order separately)
* Style A includes two SH-2385 ventilated shelves
*Style B includes leveler kits


Style A: Sand Texture (S), Black Texture (BT), Royal Blue Texture (RB) are standard.
Style B: Black Textured (BT) and White Textured (WH) are standard. Both styles are available in other Bud textured finishes at no extra cost.
Turn-Key Cabinet Assembly

Catalog Number



Panel Space Height

Max. Clear Inside Depth


Overall Dimensions

Weight lbs.







DC-8002 A 70.00" 24.00" 75.31" 22.00" 25.50" 208
DC-8075 B 70.00" 24.00" 75.31" 22.00" 25.50" 208
DC-8076 B 78.75" 24.00" 84.06" 22.00" 25.50" 215
DC-8078 B 78.75" 29.25" 84.06" 22.00" 30.75" 229
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For the majority of our enclosures we offer 3D STEP files upon request

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