Tablet Enclosures or Touch Screen cabinets?

Tablet EnclosureIt is often the case in technology that innovations are often adapted for different applications than was originally anticipated. For example, when the first cell phones were invented, no one could foresee that smart phones would follow and when smart phones were first developed, no one anticipated results that varied from Uber to messaging. When twitter was developed, no one anticipated how it would be so crucial in world developments, often being the sole means of providing communications from war torn or troubled regions. While not on that scale, one of the interesting parts of having a standard product line is that the use that we often consider when we develop the enclosure may not be the use that is adopted over time.


When we first developed our tablet enclosure, we had assumed that people would use it with the various tablets that were on the market. We had also assumed that only a small number of customers would be interested in the then optional gaskets as most tablets cannot be used outdoors in a way that would require NEMA type protection. It turned out that we were wrong. The tablet enclosure quickly morphed into a very popular  LCD enclosure with the greatest applications being used for touch screens on a factory floor. We have seen them used for everything from controllers for machines, inspection, and testing. As a younger generation hits the manufacturing world, touch screens are their world and for all it is much more intuitive and accurate.


Bud can modify this enclosure to provide the cutouts that are needed for the displays or other controls to make the box a turnkey unit. We now offer a version with the gaskets included, making this the perfect enclosure for a broad range of applications. Let us know how you are using them!


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4 Responses to Tablet Enclosures or Touch Screen cabinets?

  1. D.L. Kirkby says:

    Could someone use this kind of tablet enclosure for scientific research in remote locations? I could envision a researcher using an enclosure like this to protect a tablet being used for geolocation or tracking progress/meeting goals, as well as for protecting electronics installed in a remote location. Just a thought.

  2. Raffaele T. says:

    Hi all,
    I just bought an enclosure for 7″ LCD with touchscreen in order to realize a device for telescope control. I have choosen this enclosure due to the specs and the free space inside, in which I can mount a couple of custom boards.
    I’m wondering how to make a perfect cutout in the recessed area and on the other sides. Is available any application note or some suggestion regarding how to cut the enclosure avoiding to damage it?
    Thank you in advance, best regards.


    • mm Blair Haas says:

      I don’t have specific information on how to cut these – a lot depends on your equipment, the size of the cutout and many other factors. We do suggest that if you are using an automated piece of equipment that you not use lubricant. Sorry I could not be great help.

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