Grabber Style C Plastic Box Black HH-3430-BCB
  • Grabber Style C Plastic Box

Product Details

Model # HH-3430-BCB Grabber Style C Series Plastic Box

Style C is a smaller, more ergonomically shaped rectangular enclosure that includes a 9-volt/AA battery compartment and a removable end panel. The hand-held plastic box is made out of ABS plastic (UL94-HB Rating). It is available with optional tilt stand, transparent infrared lens, AA battery contact kit, and belt clip.

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External Size L x W x D: 5.32" x 2.77" x 0.94"
Internal Size L x W x D: 5.20" x 2.58" x 0.78"
Weight: 0.14 lbs
Color: Black
Type of Plastic: ABS
Flammability Rating: UL94-HB
Battery Compartment: With Battery Compartment
Bosses: Yes
Options: Belt Clip, Tilt Stand, Infrared Lens, Battery Kit
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