Internal Panels

  • Internal Steel Panel PTX 25301

Product Details

PTX-11048,Internal Steel Panel 7.2 x 5.33 Inches for PTQ-11048 Model # PTX-11048
  • Internal panel made of 0.06-inch zinc-plated steel assembles to mounting bosses on inside of enclosure
  • 7.2 x 5.33 Inches
  • Fits Models PTH-22496, PTH-22496-C, PTH-22498, PTH-22498-C,
    PTH-22502, PTH-22502-C, PTS-25328 & PTS-25328-C
    PTQ-11048, PTQ-11048-C, PTQ-11052, PTQ-11052-C
    PTR-28483, PTR-28483-C
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