• Pole Mount Bracket

Product Details

Pole Mount Bracket BPM-22260 Model # BPM-22260
  • Allows Bud NEMA boxes to mount to round or rectangular poles
  • Zinc-plated and dichromate sealed steel brackets
  • Stainless steel, quick-adjust, high strength band clamps
  • Kit includes two brackets, two band clamps and all necessary mounting hardware
  • Weight 6.3 pounds
  • Drawing PDF   DXF
  • 3D Model

Fits models:

  • AN-1304 through AN-1310
  • AN-1313 through AN-1317
  • AN-1322 and AN-1323
  • PN-1323 through PN-1327
  • PN-1329; PN-1331 through PN-1341
  • NF-6610 through NF-6613
  • NFL-6630 through NFL-6633
  • SN-3700 through SN-3702, SN-3704
  • NBB-22240, NBB-22241, NBB-22243
  • NBE-10543, NBE-10563
  • NBA-10142, NBA-10144
  • NBD-10442, NBD-10445
  • And other Enclosures, Please use 3D model (link above) to verify fit
  • For large enclosures please consider BPM-22261