PCBs for EXN Series

  • Printed Circuit Board

Product Details

Printed Circuit Board 5.97 x 3.87 Inches Fits EXN-23355, EXN-23358 Model # EXN-23405-PCB
  • Printed Circuit Board
  • Fits EXN Series enclosure models EXN-23355, EXN-23358
  • Length 5.97 inches
  • Width 3.87 inches
  • UV block FR-4-86 as the material for the green PCB, Glass cloth base epoxy resin .
  • multifunctional laminates and prepregs with a Tg of 140 C
  • exceptionally consistent laminate quality due to exclusive use of Nan Ya’s raw materials
  • common PTH (Plated Through Hole) process parameters results in very good through hole reliability
  • and copper foil peel strength
  • high luminance of epoxy contrast with copper for laser type AOI
  • IPC-4101B /21, CTI: PLC 3 = 175V — 249V
  • Drawing PDF
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