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How to handle and enclose Multiple Development Boards

Published on: May 29, 2013 by Blair Haas

As development boards such as the raspberry pi and freedom platforms have swept the industry, we at Bud Industries have created enclosures to house the boards and their peripherals.  As we chatted with engineers and other users, we heard about several problems.  First, they were often not using one board, but several.  Second, as they used these boards, they found themselves with a jumble of boards, cables and components scattered across their workstation.  Finally, when they had to move the boards, it required taking them all apart or balancing them in some way to avoid damaging the connections.

We turned these issues over to our design team, and they came up with a simple solution to all of these challenges.  Check out this video on the board-ganizer.  Bud Board-ganizer video Basically, it is 4 plastic panels on which you can mount the boards or breadboard, using double stick pads.  This means it will work with virtually any size development board including the Raspberry Pi, arduino, beagle boards, olimex, and freedom boards.. The plastic panels connect to each other using metal dowels, and then can be rolled up into an enclosure that’s 5 x 5 x 3 without disconnecting anything.  You can then set it aside to avoid damage, take it with you to visit a colleague, or take it home.  Priced well below $20, these are an economical solution to an annoying problem.  The Board-ganizer will be in stock by mid-June.  Check it out.