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Bud Industries’ Product Selector Tool Speed Electronic Enclosure Choice

Published on: November 22, 2013 by Blair Haas

Specifying enclosures is technically very easy compare to the engineering skills required for many of the components that inhabit the box. In most cases, all that is required is to determine the necessary internal or external dimensions, pick a material, and you are ready to protect your equipment. While the technology is easy, the actual selection process can proved daunting. Typical enclosure manufacturers have thousands of standard products available in a variety of shapes and materials and wading through many internet pages of product descriptions can not only be daunting, but may prove incredibly time consuming. We have solved this problem with Bud’s unique product selector program. It now becomes a simple process of selecting a range for the length, width and depth of the enclosure if it is a box and the panel space if it is a cabinet rack. This is done with sliders, so it is easy to adjust the range rapidly to increase or decrease the options. The alternatives instantly will appear even as you adjust the slider,  with color photographs and more complete descriptions and dimensions to assist in your selection. Searching is possible with either internal dimensions (component mounting space) or external dimensions to insure the best possible fit is being provided. The products have links provided that allow for a quick jump to more detailed product information including CAD or PDF drawings, product videos, and even optional modification opportunities.

Also on the product pages is a quick link to pricing and availability at our distributor websites, so not only can you pick the proper product rapidly, but even place an order at the same time. Bud now makes the selection of electronic enclosures as easy as possible. Check it out today on our website at www.budind.com. There is a link right on the home page to get you started.”