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Bud’s Aluminum Relay Rack Balances Low Cost, High Strength, and Light Weight

Published on: August 15, 2017 by

When it comes to 19” Equipment Racks, it is amazing how simple features can make such a difference.  This is the case with Bud Industries Aluminum Relay Racks.  19” racking was developed by the telephone industry in the 1920’s to provide standardization for equipment mounting and also to save space.  As rapidly as the electronics industry evolves, this standard has stood the test of time for nearly 100 years.  A relay rack is the common name for a 2 post rack that is the simplest way to mount servers, power supplies or other rack mount equipment.   The racks are built in multiples of 1.75” (or “u’s) with holes drill on the EIA standard of ¾”, ¾”, ½”.  This standardization allows for any manufacturer’s equipment to be easily installed.

Bud’s Aluminum Relay rack combines light weight with strength

Bud’s aluminum relay racks come with many great features.  Making these racks out of aluminum rather than the traditional steel insures they are light enough to allow one person to transport and set them up.  They are packaged knocked down in a single carton allowing for easy storage yet are assembled with only a few bolts into predrilled holes.  By using aluminum extrusions to form the rails, base and top, the rack combines the best of strength and light weight.  Recent weight load tests suggest it can hold up to 1000 pounds assuming proper weight distribution.  Also, since they are made of only 2 posts and therefore have not sides or doors, they provide the ultimate in ventilation as well as space efficiency, often being set up in closets or other out of the way locations.  Our most popular size (Bud part ARR-1272) is 44 u or 77” panel space, which provides the maximum height without concerns for ceiling height.  It comes in either natural finish or powder coated black.  Best of all, these units are virtually always in stock at either your favorite Bud distributor or at Bud’s extensive warehouse.  Check out all the details including drawings for this aluminum relay rack on our website (https://budind.com/) .