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The Best Electronic Enclosure Product Selector Just Got Even Better

Published on: October 6, 2017 by Blair Haas

How can the best Electronic Enclosure Website be made even better?  Simply by making it even easier to use and more user friendly.  One of the best features of the Bud Industries website is the “search by size” widget that quickly and easily allows the specifier to find the perfect electronic enclosure from our offering of thousands of standard products.  It has just been upgraded to eliminate the sometimes balky “choose by size” sliders and replace them with open slots to quickly fill in the requested dimensions

The Bud Electronic Enclosure Product Specifier is the easiest and fastest selector in the industry

Bud’s Industry Leading Electronic Enclosure Product Specifier

So how does this electronic enclosure product selector work? 

There are a few easy steps to obtaining the best options for your project:

1.       Choose between “Racks and Cabinets” and “Boxes and cases”

2.       Select either inches or millimeters.  Inches is the default but either is available, a unique Bud feature.

3.       Decide whether the search should be on external dimensions or based on the internal component mounting space, using internal dimensions

4.       If unsure about which dimensions is which, click on the “?” next to length and a drawing appears aligning the terms to the proper side

5.       Then just load in your range.  Bud is unique in adding an extra 0.5 inch to what is entered so that if the nominal range is 2” to 4”, it does not exclude a perfectly acceptable 1.95” dimension. 

6.       As the user tabs through the specifications, the listing of products on the right hand side begins to narrow.  Note that the listing includes a product photo to help clarify the visuals required as well as the dimensions.

7.       At any time, the search can be further narrowed using the optional filters for materials, ratings and product type.

That’s all there is to it.  With a few keystrokes, the ideal electronic enclosure emerges from the thousands that are available from stock for immediate shipment.  Also notice that in the upper right hand corner, loading in the part number under “check stock/pricing” will give instant access to the extensive inventory of Bud’s impressive distribution network including pricing.  Again, with a few clicks, the product can be selected, ordered and received within a day.  Check out this great feature on Bud’s website at www.budind.com and don’t forget that Bud has the fastest modification capabilities in the industry today.