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Bud’s Hot New Raspberry Pi Enclosure

Published on: April 4, 2018 by Blair Haas

A few years back, we were at the Newark Electronics Call Center on the day the Raspberry Pi Development board was introduced and we as surprised as everyone else at the startling success of that launch with product selling out in an hour and briefly crashing their website. We decided to develop an enclosure for the Pi and created our hugely popular boxes. For a year, they were our top selling product in volume. Then the market became saturated with boxes and we decided to focus our attention elsewhere. Our thinking also was that since the boards were so inexpensive that if something happened to them, they could be readily replaced and so did not really need protection. However, we continued to be pressed to create new enclosures as people were concerned about protecting not just the board but the software that they programmed.

These boxes fit Raspberry Pi models 2 3 and 3B

Bud has a new series of raspberry pi enclosures

We are delighted to announce that we have jumped back into the market with a new series of enclosures specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 3B, and 3B+ Made from ABS plastic, each model comes in 3 colors, white, black and clear. The PS-11594 is sealed by 4 screws and has cutouts for the peripherals. The PS-11595 is a snap together model that has additional slots for quick access to the on board connections. Both are light weight providing easy protection and portability. With pricing in quantity as low as $2.75, they are the best combination of price and flexibility. Don’t forget that Bud also offers wire bundles, bread boards and many more related products. These enclosures are in stock today at your favorite Bud distributor.