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Bud’s ATEX Rated Boxes Can Now Be Modified

Published on: August 7, 2018 by Blair Haas

Two years ago, Bud introduced its Atex rated boxes made of die cast aluminum. Now, we are pleased to announce that we have the capabilities to modify the products while still retaining their ratings. First, let’s chat about the enclosure itself With increasing frequency in electronics, there are situations where the user needs to protect the environment from the dangers that emanate from the electronics, typically, some sort of sparking or flashing of the electrical charge. This becomes a significant issue as electronics are now used in applications that one might never have considered such as farming or gas. The ATEX ratings are provided based on tests of how well the enclosure keeps these discharges from the atmosphere in various conditions. The ratings for Bud’s ATX die cast enclosure family note that it is safe to use in work spaces that have either dust or grain rarely or intermittently and the same for gas environments. It is not suggested for use in mines or underground locations. With 10 sizes, a great price, and additional ratings of IP66, this series represents a new way of thinking for BUD and continues our efforts to be the enclosure supplier of choice for the industry.

Bud’s ATX series of ATEX Rated Enclosures

Now, specifiers can take advantage of Bud’s five day modification program to receive a turn-key box that still meets their exacting needs. Bud can add holes, slots or cutouts to the enclosure easing component installation and handle these modifications at a speed that is unmatched in the industry. Just send us a drawing or even a sketch with the dimensions of the components to be installed, and we can take it from there.  As long as the components being installed are properly managed, the enclosure maintains its ratings allowing for the ultimate in delivery as well as customization. Contact the Bud factory or your favorite local Bud distributor for more details.