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Bud Introduces New Electronic Enclosures Website

Published on: August 25, 2020 by Blair Haas

Bud Industries is pleased to introduce a totally new website for our broad offering of electronic enclosures and related accessories.  While often a new website is just a cosmetic update, we have remade our site completely to improve on our already impressive quick search, select by size, and encyclopedic technical resources.  Here are a few of the many changes:

A typical page on Bud’s new Electronic Enclosures website

  1. Each product has its own page complete with an individual photo of that product plus a 360 photo as well (please note that our library of photos is in process so some are still to be developed). Drawings appear on each page and DXF can be instantly downloaded.  Detailed product specifications are available and often product videos, quick links to accessories, and suggested related products if alternatives are desired.
  2. An improved search by size and feature tool that makes finding exactly what the customer is looking for even easier than before. With one or two quick clicks, the options are displayed and include key information and photos.  A nice feature is that when a size is selected, it expands that selection by 0.25” to make sure that, for example, a box that has a length of 4.99” is not excluded if 5.00” is the desired minimum.  Also, either internal or external dimensions can be searched.

    It’s all about a quick search

  3. Links on each product page to check distribution inventory and price and immediately buy the product. These are often real time listings and provide price breaks as well as stocking levels.
  4. We have some great videos on everything from how to work with Bud to create a modified enclosure to tests for IP68 ratings. Some are professional and some are home grown, but all provide the best level of information in assisting the designer/engineer in their product selection
  5. The site is now “responsive” which means it displays appropriately regardless of whether you are on our site using a desktop, laptop, table, or phone.

Check out the site at www.budind.com for the best in electronic enclosures

and let us know what you think.