Extruded Aluminum Enclosure Transfers Heat with Style

CLEVELAND, Ohio— January 7, 2016 – Bud Industries, a leading manufacturer of electronic enclosures, has introduced the EXN Series enclosure, an attractive IP-66 rated enclosure made of anodized aluminum extrusion with plastic or aluminum endcap covers. Removal of the cover allows a user-supplied printed circuit board (PCB) to slide in. The extruded aluminum construction has grooves that enhance heat dissipation.


The enclosures are ideal for use as instrument cases and stomp boxes, and for housing electronic power supplies, remote controls and a variety of factory floor and outdoor applications. Included continuous gaskets seal against weather and water, allowing the enclosures to be used outdoors or indoors in washdown and dusty environments.

Seventeen sizes are available, ranging from 2.7 x 1.39 x 1.93 inches to 6.99 x 2.41 x 8.23 inches. The anodized aluminum bodies come in a choice of five standard colors: Gold, Blue, Silver, Black, and Red. Covers are available in either colored polycarbonate plastic (UL94-V0) or powder-coated die-cast aluminum (ADC-12) in colors designed to match the base.

The exterior design of the enclosures includes a built-in 0.5mm recessed area on which a product label can be affixed and/or printed on directly.

Both covers and bodies are easily modified with cutouts. The enclosures are covered by Bud’s industry-leading program that provides custom modifications within five to six days at no extra cost. That’s up to 2–3 times faster service than most other enclosure suppliers provide.

PCBs and mounting brackets are available as accessories.

Price and Availability

The EXN Series enclosures are available from stock. View price, delivery times, and downloadable drawings.