New product selector tool lets visitors search enclosures based on size, material and category

CLEVELAND, Ohio—November 19, 2013—Bud Industries, a leading electronic enclosure manufacturer, has launched a product selector tool on its website, designed to help customers find enclosures and related products that meet their specific requirements quickly and efficiently. Try this new tool.

Bud’s product selector tool is divided into two main categories: cabinets/racks and boxes/cases. After selecting the appropriate category, users may specify the inside or outside dimension range of the enclosure they are seeking. This allows them to quickly view a variety of electronic enclosures, including alternative product options, which fit their size specifications based on height, width and depth. For added precision, optional filters for material, category and safety/environmental ratings are available. The display includes photographs and details—including dimensions—of the qualifying products, for the best product selection.

“Always looking for ways to improve the customer experience, Bud developed the new product selector tool to assist the customer in rapidly narrowing the plethora of enclosures available in Bud’s 2500 standard product line offering,” explained Josiah Haas, Bud’s Vice President of Sales. “With a variety of filtering features, the tool helps users see alternative product options allowing them to selecting an enclosure that best fits their application.”

Once a selection is made, the large inventory stocked by Bud and its distributors, enables same-day shipment of over 90 percent of Bud’s products. To help design engineers get their creations to market faster and within specification, Bud can make simple modifications on electronic enclosures in 5 days. This is faster than the 10- and 20 -day turnarounds offered by most enclosure suppliers, and is available at no extra cost. Custom products are also available, as well as complete design support.