CLEVELAND, Ohio—August 11, 2022 – Bud Industries, a leading manufacturer of electronic enclosures, has introduced an adapter bracket that allows users to convert a standard electronic enclosure into a corner-mount enclosure. This approach gives users more size options compared to competitors who offer a limited number of corner-shaped enclosures.

Applications include wi-fi, security, lighting, and factory automation.

Typically, companies standardize on one style of enclosure. Before the introduction of Bud’s unique Corner Wall-Mount-Box Adapter Bracket, a company would need to order a different enclosure when they ran into a corner mount application, adding time, paperwork, and cost.Unlike with competitor designs, if a corner location is no longer needed, then the adapter bar can be removed, and the enclosure can be installed on a wall. What’s more, its affordable cost means users can keep spare adapter brackets on hand for quick installation when needed.Fits Hundreds of Bud Enclosures and MoreBud has seen a lot of requests for this type of product from its security and lighting customers who need to mount enclosures in corners,“ said Josiah Haas, Bud Industries president. “While competitors have introduced a few molded boxes with a corner shape, the functionality is limited to just those series. Instead, Bud developed an innovative bracket that will work with a large variety of enclosures.”Bud’s Corner Wall-Mount-Box Adapter Bar fits hundreds of different size Bud enclosures, so design engineers can select an ideal enclosure for their application. In fact, the new adapter bracket will also fit competitor box-style enclosures having wall mounting holes.Strong Adjustable DesignThe key to the Corner Wall-Mount-Box Adapter Bracket’s versatility is an adjustable design that accepts enclosures ranging in width from 3 to 14 inches. A bracket, shaped to fit a corner, screws into the walls. A sliding rail adjusts to the required depth. Mounting strips attach to the enclosure via screws that enter existing mounting holes on the back of the enclosure. The strips have a scored tab design that makes it easy to customize the length by breaking off tabs; no tools required.The adapter bracket features 14-gauge steel construction for strength and secure mounting.Price and AvailabilityThe Corner Wall-Mount-Box Adapter Bracket is available from stock at the top industrial electronic distributors at prices as low as $20. For more information, visit