Showcase Metal Electronics Black BB-1809-BT
  • Showcase Metal Electronics Box

Product Details

Model # BB-1809-BT Showcase Metal Electronics Box
  • Top, sides, and bottom, 0.05-inch aluminum
  • Front panel 0.09-inch aluminum
  • Rear panel, 0.05-inch aluminum
  • Extruded aluminum frame
  • Side gussets provide added strength
  • Strong, flexible handle is recessed and secured firmly into top for safe handling
  • Carrying handle limited to 25# load capacity
  • Ventilation slots under handle
  • Use with chassis or PC boards
  • Front panel and chassis may be loaded from front or rear
  • Comes with front and rear panels and bail
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External Size H x W x D: 9.93" x 11.06" x 15.00"
Internal Size H x W x D: 9.44" x 10.58" x 14.00"
Weight: 7 lbs
Color: Black Textured Body / White Frame
Ventilated: Ventilated
Handles: Handles
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