Junction Box 20 Central Terminal Blocks with Clear over PTT-12090-C

Product Details

Model # PTT-12090-C PTT Series Terminal Junction Box
  • 20 central terminal block box (100 x 230 x 70 mm)
  • Body made of gray ABS plastic; cover made of polycarbonate plastic
  • Covers are easily removed for convenient processing
  • High impact resistance IK 07/08
  • IP 66/67 TUV rating to keep out dust and water in extreme conditions
  •  Suitable for indoor use with respect to exposure to ultraviolet light, water exposure and immersion in accordance with UL746c
  • Continuous gasket
  • Surface treated steel terminal screws
  • Stainless cover screws
  • Flammability rating UL94-HB
  • Rated insulation voltage 400V
  • Rated impulse voltage : 4kV
  • Rated current capacity: 0.75mm sq. – 1.5mm sq. (15 to 24 A)
  • Terminal wiring up to 16 AWG
  • Color: tint may have different hues of gray (green, blue)
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External Size L x W x D: 9.06" x 3.94" x 2.72"
Internal Size L x W x D: 8.68" x 3.56" x 2.47"
Weight: 2.398 lbs
Color: Light Gray
RoHS Certified: Always Compliant
Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor (Not UV Stabilized)
Flammability Rating: UL94-HB
Type of Plastic: ABS
Door Type of Plastic: Clear Polycarbonate
UL Rating: UL508
Service Temperature Min: -40°C
Service Temperature Max: 70°C
NEMA Rating: NEMA 1, NEMA 2, NEMA 4, NEMA 4X
IP Rating: 67
Features: Terminal Blocks
Cover Style: Clear, Screw Down Cover
Terminal Blocks: 20 Central Terminal Blocks
hbptt12090.pdf hbptt12090.dxf