Network Cabinets and Racks

Communications Cabinets for Network Equipment

Bud offers a wide selection of network cabinets and communication cabinets for wall-mount and table-top IT applications. Designed for maximum airflow and easy installation, our cabinets help your sensitive electronics equipment run reliably for their full-service life. Choose from plain budget style cabinets to attractive styles having features like glass doors and an integrated fan.

On this page, you will find Bud’s small cabinets used for communications and network equipment. Visit a different page to see our large cabinet racks.

What is another name for a network cabinet?

Network cabinets are also called cabinet racks, network racks, and communication cabinets. A network cabinet is a metal frame with enclosed sides (versus an open rack). The cabinet width and mounting hole spacing are standardized to accommodate IT and communications equipment.


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What are the benefits of a network cabinet?

A network cabinet rack has enclosed sides and doors that dissuade intentional or accidental tampering. Bud’s cabinets provide easy device mounting, convenient access for technicians, and air ventilation.

Some models include features designed to make IT easier. A good example is our wall-mounted Mega-Network Series Network Cabinet, which has brackets for mounting networking hubs, fiber, and routers plus swing-down brackets for patch panels. It comes with a copper grounding bar and a locking door.

A cabinet enclosure may be basic in design for a utility room, or professionally styled for areas that are visible to the public. Bud’s Emperor Series Communications Rack is a high-style cabinet that accommodates device mounting in three sections. It has front and rear doors plus three pairs of mounting rails. A locking glass door provides both visibility and security. Two top-mounted fans help keep equipment cool.

If the network cabinet needs to be portable, Bud’s Econocab is a 19-inch desktop enclosure having built-in handles and a value price.

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