NEMA-rated waterproof plastic enclosures are ideal for wet and harsh environments

CLEVELAND, Ohio— August 24, 2010— Bud Industries, Inc., the leading manufacturer of electronic enclosures, announced the addition of a line of new plastic enclosures, the NBF Series. The new products expand Bud’s already comprehensive selection of NEMA box and waterproof enclosures for a wide range of moist, corrosive, and dusty conditions.

Bud offers more than 2,500 products of which 90 percent are available for same-day shipment, including plastic enclosures, cabinet racks, aluminum enclosures, and electronics cabinets.

Bud’s new latchable enclosures are dust-tight and water-tight. These gasketed all-plastic enclosures have been designed meet NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4x, 12, 13 and IEC529-IP66 requirements, which allows them to be used in many wet, dirty and/or corrosive environments.

The NBF Series NEMA boxes are ideal for PCB enclosures, junction boxes, instrumentation, and other applications that require monitoring of internal components.

To perform well in these conditions, the new plastic enclosures have a number of impressive design features. The enclosures avoid corrosion by having all plastic construction, including hinge pins, latches and mounting bosses. Included optional wall mounting brackets and hardware are made of stainless steel. Outdoor versions are made from plastic that is UV stabilized and able to serve in a wide range of temperatures.

The NBF Series plastic enclosures come in two styles. Style A has two or three latches; Style B has two latches and one stainless-steel latch with padlock capability. The latch design helps to keep contents secure and environmentally sealed. Optional clear doors allow users to read indicators without opening the seal and exposing electronic or electrical components to the environment.

Outdoor versions are made of light gray PC/PBT blended plastic and have a UL94-5VA flammability rating. Indoor versions are made of either ABS plastic and have a UL94-HB flammability rating, or made of ABS/PC blended plastic and have a UL94-5VA flammability rating. Clear doors, for all models, are molded out of polycarbonate material with UL94-V0 flammability rating.

Bud’s new NBF Series plastic enclosures are available in 23 sizes ranging from 5.11 x 3.93 x 2.75-inches to 27.55 x 19.68 x 9.84-inches, most of which are in stock and available for same-day shipment. Contact the factory for custom modification specifications and pricing.