Wind, Solar Energy OEMs Count on Electronics Enclosures from Bud

CLEVELAND, Ohio—July 19, 2010— Bud Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of electronics enclosures, announced a complete suite of enclosure products for OEMs and operators of alternative energy equipment, including solar panels and wind turbines.

“Although design engineers understand electronics, they do not have the same level of experience with electronic enclosures,” said Josiah Haas, Director of Sales for Bud Industries. “We work closely with end customers and contract manufacturers of alternative energy systems to come up with the ideal enclosure for each application.”

Bud offers a complete range of electronics enclosures including cabinet racks, NEMA boxes, server racks, and plastic boxes that meet the special requirements of alternative energy applications.

Bud’s SNB Series enclosures are used to house the electronics that regulate the speed of the turning blades of wind turbines. Because these controls are critical to safety and efficient power generation, the enclosures selected are made of sturdy steel and sealed against moisture (NEMA 4X). Bud made custom cutouts to allow for cable entry and meter readout. For security, the enclosure has a key lock that requires a non-traditional key.

A company that makes solar panels installed across the Southwest also uses an SNB Series enclosure to house controls on its solar panel arrays. Because weight is a concern for roof-mounted solar panels, Bud custom-made the enclosures in a lighter gauge of steel. A different solar-panel OEM uses a Bud AN Series die-cast aluminum enclosure. It offers durability and weight reduction in a more cost effective material than steel.

An alternative power utility uses Bud relay racks outdoors to house controls for power transmission. These 19” racks are made of a non-standard, heavier gauge metal, and they were given a heavy-duty powder coat finish to protect them from weather. Another facility uses low-cost Bud aluminum chassis to house data collection instruments that monitor the DC to AC conversion for its solar conversion systems.

These are among the more than 2,500 products that Bud offers, with most off-the-shelf electronic enclosures and cabinet racks available for same-day shipment. The company also offers direct design support and an Enclosure Design Tips Handbook for creating optimal design and engineering solutions