Rails can be used with any industrial and commercial electrical enclosures that use 35mm DIN rail mounting

CLEVELAND, Ohio—August 22, 2012—Bud Industries, a leading manufacturer of NEMA 4 enclosures, 19 inch racks and aluminum enclosures, has calculated that, if the Bud enclosures currently in inventory were placed end to end, they would span the length of 535 football fields.

The new rails comply with the EN 60715 standard, and are made from 1 mm thick zinc-plated steel. They measure 35mm wide x 7.5mm high x 1 meter long, and are suitable for mounting all Bud DIN-rail mount enclosures and accessories, including the DB, DPB, DMB and TS-16 series.

The DIN rails are shipped in cartons of 10 and cost $58.15 per carton.

Also available now are DIN rail mounting clips. These clips allow users to mount nearly any enclosure to a 35 mm DIN rail. They cost $3.00 each.

Like most of Bud’s inventory, the 35 mm DIN rails and DIN-rail mounting clips are in stock and ready for same-day shipment. For more information on Bud’s vast inventory of industrial and commercial electrical enclosures, visit www.budind.com.