Placed end to end, Bud enclosures in inventory would span 535 football fields

CLEVELAND, Ohio—January 16, 2012—Bud Industries, a leading manufacturer of NEMA 4 enclosures, 19 inch racks and aluminum enclosures, has calculated that, if the Bud enclosures currently in inventory were placed end to end, they would span the length of 535 football fields.

Bud has more products in inventory and available for immediate delivery than any other enclosure manufacturer. Thousands of Bud enclosures are in inventory at Bud’s factory warehouse and at the warehouses of its distributors, including Allied Electronics, Digi-Key, Mouser and Newark. This means that design engineers and purchasing agents can have fast, just-in-time delivery of enclosures.

Customers can see where Bud enclosures are in inventory at the factory and at Bud distributors for any given part number by searching the Bud website.

More than other enclosure suppliers, Bud is committed to affordability and availability across its entire product offering. More than 90 percent of 2500 different part-number enclosures are available for same day shipment. Many of these are available at lower cost, such as the SNB-SS Series NEMA 4 enclosure, which costs up to 40 percent less than comparable products; the IP67 Series aluminum enclosure, which is half the price of the leading competitors and has a higher protection rating; and the 19 inch rack Server Rack Professional Series, which includes many high-end features that other suppliers charge extra for.

In addition, Bud experts can save time and money for customers by quickly modifying standard products to meet specific needs. “We have invested in robotic equipment that makes custom cut-outs and holes quickly, precisely and in any volume,” explained Josiah Haas, Bud Industries Director of Sales. “We can also provide full or partial assembly that saves valuable time for customers, such as adding fans to a 19 inch rack and providing cable glands for a NEMA 4 enclosure.”

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