Five-day turnaround is fastest in the industry

CLEVELAND, Ohio—October 1, 2012—Bud Industries, a leading manufacturer of electronic enclosures, is proud to announce that it can now make simple modifications on electronic enclosures to customer specifications in five days—faster than the 10- and 15-day turnarounds offered by some enclosure suppliers, and at no extra cost for the expedited service.

Design engineers now can get their creations to market faster with exactly the enclosure their design needs. Enclosure modifications may include adding holes, cutouts, tappings and pre-assembly.

Unlike enclosure suppliers who offer fast modifications on a small number of products, Bud can offer 5-day service on most of the electronic 2300 enclosures that it has in inventory: its entire range of small-to-midsize metal and plastic enclosures including NEMA, polycarbonate, ABS, die cast, and steel boxes.

Bud can offer industry-leading turnaround time because it has invested in state-of-the-art automated equipment. Electronically-programmed, Bud’s five-axis robotic machine tools cut holes, slots, and custom cutouts in enclosures quickly and cost-effectively, and to exacting standards.

According to Bud’s Vice President of Sales, Josiah Haas, customers’ increasing time-to-market pressures combined with their leaner staffs have made it important for Bud to offer fast enclosure modifications. “It’s faster for designers to have Bud make the modifications than for them to do it themselves, and often it’s cheaper, too.  Of course, Bud is also responsible for maintaining quality, a huge advantage for the end user.”

For more information, see our five-day modifications video.