Dual compartment enclosures feature a transparent cover that gives users both visibility and access

CLEVELAND, Ohio—October 31, 2012—Bud Industries, a leading manufacturer of electronic enclosures, announced the DCH Series of dual-compartment IP65 enclosures. DCH IP65 enclosures are unique in that the upper compartment has an easily-removable, transparent cover that allows users to view meters and other indicators and to easily access system components that may require frequent maintenance. The lower compartment is designed to protect delicate components and contain electrical components that could pose a touch hazard, including power supplies, batteries, and other components not requiring frequent access.

There are two cover styles: a screw-on cover designed to meet the requirements of IP65 enclosures and a hinged cover designed for applications that require frequent access. Both are sealed with a durable and oil-resistant silicone sponge gasket. The transparent cover is made from blue-tinted polycarbonate plastic rated to UL 94-HB (higher flammability ratings available upon request).

DCH IP65 enclosures are made from high-impact ABS plastic. There are five models in the series ranging in size from 6.34-in. H x 6.54-in. W x 3.66-in. D to 11.06-in. H x 11.65-in. W x 6.22-in. D. Other features include:

  1. Easy-to-remove knockouts on bottom side to accommodate conduit fittings or cable glands
  2. Printed-circuit board guides in the upper compartment
  3. Built-in DIN-rail mounting clips for easy mounting

The new IP65 enclosures are available now from stock. Pricing in quantity starts as low as $17.75. More information on the DCH Series of IP65 enclosures can be found on the Bud Industries website.