Compucab Dual-Slope Aluminum Enclosure SC-13101
  • Compucab Dual-Slope Enclosure SC-13101

Product Details

Model # SC-13101 Compucab Series

Another best-seller from Bud for good reason: These standard dual-slope enclosures have that custom-designed keyboard styling and, equally important, they can be used for a variety of instruments.

  • Base and side, 0.09-inch aluminum
  • Back panel and cover, 0.05-inch aluminum
  • Rubber feet furnished.
  • Maximum visibility, no exposed screws on front panel area
  • Knockouts in louvered rear panel
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External Size H x W x D: 9.95" x 13.93" x 10.75"
Internal Size H x W x D: 8.49" x 13.75" x 10.00"
Weight: 7.00 lbs
Color: Black Textured Body / White Frame
Knockouts: Knockouts
hb13101-1.pdf hb13101.dxffile/d/12jchUsRdKEco-mg7gLkLK_GzcBiB7P_5/view?usp=drivesdk



Model # External Dimensions Internal Dimensions
SC-13100 5.34" x 9.93" x 8.69" 5.349.938.69 3.93" x 9.75" x 4.28"
SC-13101 9.95" x 13.93" x 10.75" 9.9513.9310.75 8.49" x 13.75" x 10.00"