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3 Tips for Making your Electronic Enclosure Buy Simpler for 2012

Published on: December 21, 2011 by Blair Haas

As the year winds down, I often review what I have done this year and ramp up my plans for next year.  If you do that, high on your list has to be ways to streamline the supply chain, or at least speed it up.   To assist you in the process, at least as it comes to enclosures, we have 3 tips on how to make your job easier.

First, take a few minutes while things are slower here at year end to download the free Bud Enclosure Design Tips guide.

This provides easy to understand explanations of all of the issues you might run into in specifying an enclosure.  The guidance ranges from materials to choose to ratings to accessories.    It will be the perfect reference guide and rapidly turn you into an enclosure expert and again, it is free and available for quick downloading.

Second, consider buying your enclosure from your favorite electronic component distributor.

More and more manufacturers of enclosures are going through distribution and the advantages for the designer and buyer are great.  Foremost, the products are typically in stock and can ship today.  Their pricing is often very competitive with buying direct from the manufacturer based on their volume buys.  Their sales team is trained to provide you with the best knowledge about how to choose the right enclosure and can often guide you to a more cost effective, stock solution.  While it may seem more convenient to buy direct, in reality it creates a supply chain glitch that can impact your total acquisition costs.

Finally, most enclosures need to be modified.

Whether for input, output, identification (screening), or even dimensionally, the manufacturer is the best place to have this done.  They are experts in the best torque to use on drilling, the impact of specific modifications on the various materials, and also will suggest cost saving options.  Further, if problems occur, the manufacturer is responsible for damaged products instead of you when you send it out to your local job shop or back room.  Finally, there are freight and freight damage savings when avoiding the costly multiple handling trips.

We hope that you have a great Christmas and look forward to continuing to chat with you in what we hope will be a very successful 2012.  If you have any questions or comments, we look forward to hearing from you.