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Bud adds Jacobsen as Mid-Atlantic and Chesapeake Sales Reps

Published on: July 3, 2024 by Josiah Haas

Bud Industries is excited to announce the addition of Jacobsen Associates as our sales rep firm in the Mid-Atlantic and Chesapeake regions.  Their territory includes Eastern Pennsylvania (ZIP Codes: 16600-19699), Southern New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

The Jacobsen team led by Michael Jacobsen fills Bud’s sales territory that was previously open is headquartered in Horsham, PA.  Michael leads an experienced group including John Jacobsen, Steven Andrews, Diane Jacobsen, Lisa Wullert, and Jim Starkey.

Lynn Viers, Bud Industries’ Regional Manager stated “We are excited to have Jacobsen Associates on our Team! They will represent Bud in the Mid-Atlantic region and bring 45 plus years of enclosure experience to our customers and distribution network.”

Josiah Haas, Bud Industries’ President left his initial discussion with Michael and team as “very impressed by the questions they were asking and how quickly they were reviewing key accounts.”

Jacobsen Associates line card includes synergistic manufacturers such as Allied Motion, EAO Switches, OTTO, and Interpower.

Bud Industries, Incorporated is a leading electronic enclosure manufacturer that has utilized a sales rep network for well over 70 years to act as our sales force in supporting our customers in the field. Bud values our long-term relationships with each of our sales rep firms. While the average tenure of a Bud rep firm as our sales team is over 15 years, Bud does have a working partnership with an individual firm, Ross Marketing in Northern California, dating back 70 plus years. Founded in 1928 as Bud Radio, Bud is celebrating our 96th year in business later this year in November.

Jacobsen Associates, Incorporated is an established Manufacturers’ Representative organization servicing customers for over 40 years.  JAI has successfully partnered with global manufacturers with a customer, design-in focus, building strong relationships with their customers and unbeatable results for the companies they represent.  In today’s global environment and with the rapidly changing manufacturing sector, their focus is to be an important resource with our customers and the companies they partner with and represent.

Please feel free to reach out to Jacobsen Associates at sales@jacobsenassociates.com or 215-674-2937 with all your enclosure needs. See a complete list of Bud’s Distributors and Sales Reps here. We look forward to growing our business relationship.