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Greg Haas becomes 5th inductee into Bud Industries’ Half-Century Club

Published on: June 26, 2024 by Josiah Haas

Longevity of our employees is something that we at Bud Industries truly pride ourselves on.  In our near 96-year history, Bud has had 110 employees who have accomplished at least twenty-five (25) years of service and have been honored by being added to our Quarter Century Club Plaque that is located on the walls of our Corporate Headquarters’ front lobby in Willoughby, OH.  As we have mentioned in a prior blog, last year we created our Half-Century Club to honor our amazing team members who have achieved fifty (50) years of service. While less than 5% of companies actually make it to 50 years, the number was infinitesimal for employees celebrating 50 years with one company.

Earlier this month, at our summer company picnic, Bud Industries honored its 5th member inducted into our Half-Century Club, Greg Haas.  Greg is our VP of Materials overseeing both Production Control and Purchasing departments.

It would not be unusual for Greg to roll up his sleeves to locate product on our factory floor or in our warehouse, work through a challenge, or help maintain data integrity throughout our production process.

Greg Haas Receives Half Century Plaque from Josiah Haas and Blair Haas at Bud's Summer Picnic

Greg Haas receives a framed copy of his Half-Century Plaque from Josiah Haas and Blair Haas at Bud Industries’ 2024 Summer Picnic


Alongside his photo, his Half-Century Plaque reads, “Greg began providing support and leadership in our production process, taking on supervisory roles throughout the facility. Greg takes on any task where needed and performs it to the best of his abilities.  As our Vice President of Materials, he evolved into overseeing our Purchasing and production control functions, using his knowledge to provide extraordinary leadership and guidance both to our manufacturing team and also in dealing with our outside vendors.  His integrity and determination stand as a beacon for all within the company as well as becoming the “go to” person for all Bud employees.

Bud CEO Blair Haas noted thatGreg has a dedication to accuracy, detail, and protection of data that is never ending.  He also is dedicated to doing the best for our customers.”

Bud President Josiah Haas highlighted during the presentation that Greg’s “most impressive skillset is how much he cares about his job and the company and continues to give back.  We are truly lucky to have someone like Greg in leadership.”

As previously mentioned, Greg has become our fifth member of our Half Century Club. In the Club, he has joined  former CEO Alvin “Bud” Haas, CEO Blair Haas, Welder Jim Brown, and Senior Projects Manager George Helsius.  Each of these amazing people has left an indelible mark on our company and been an significant reason Bud will be celebrating our 96th year in business later this year.

Thank you Greg for 50 years of service!

Five Plaques hanging on the wall to honor the five inductees into the Bud Industries Half-Century Club. Alvin "Bud" Haas, Blair Haas, Jim Brown, George Helsius, and Greg Haas have achieved 50 years of service with Bud.

Bud Industries’ Five Inductees into their Half-Century Club hang in the Cafeteria