Enclosures that Offer Great Value

When selecting an enclosure, often an engineer is focused on the aesthetics of the box, looking to the “shell” to help create an attractive device to promote in the market.  This is especially true in a consumer type product where marketing is as important as design features.  But there are many instances where all that is required is a strong enclosure to provide protection for the sensitive equipment inside.  For a smaller box, one of the most cost effective yet durable solutions is a die cast aluminum enclosure.  Die casting is a low cost operation that produces a product that provides a large level of protection from external damage, yet often comes with great features such as molded in pcb mounting slots and offsets.  The come in versions that include NEMA or watertight enclosure gasket or even protection against EMI/RFI.  While they are tough, they are relatively easy to modify for holes, cutouts or even powdered or silk screened.  Bud offers all of these versions plus options for welded or molded mounting brackets.  For many, it becomes important not to just look at the visuals, but to evaluate all of the electronic enclosure options to determine the best overall value to the project.


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  1. Die casting is one of the oldest and most trusted methods of metal casting. It is a process in which molten metals like aluminium are forced into mold cavities using high pressure.
    Die casting is a low cost that produces a product that provides a protection from external damage.

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    Very interesting article ! thanks for sharing with us. Thanks alot.

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