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Bud Server Racks Big Hit at BICSI Show

Published on: February 16, 2012 by Blair Haas

This week Bud returned to the BICSI show for the first time in a decade.  This show, an important vehicle for meeting with the data and data installer market,  marked Bud’s strong re-entry into the Server and Data Markets with our broad line of products that target this industry.  We were impressed with the caliber of attendees and how vibrant this market continues to be.


A big hit at the show was our SRP line of Server Racks.  One comment we heard often from the people at the show is that they are looking to speed the installation process.  Having the fan box and cable management brackets included and already installed was a huge advantage.  Also a big plus was the notches on the mounting rails and the number of the “u” height that made server installation much more rapid and avoided the counting of the holes.  In a previous blog, I highlighted the video for this product, but take a look again at the video.

Another big hit was our Emperor wall mount cabinet series.  These are perfect for those installations where floor space is at a premium or where for safety or security, there is a desire to get the units off the ground.  Similar to the SRP series in looks, they come with fans installed, a shelf, and  glass front doors.  Once again, the features speed the assembly process, cutting costs of installation.

Bottom line, not only are Bud’s server rack and cabinet products among the lowest cost in the industry, but they  further cut costs by having many features included and by providing a turn-key solution to rapid installation.