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Enclosure Quality that You can Depend On

Published on: February 24, 2012 by Blair Haas

Yesterday, I did one of those one day multi-stop trips that started at 6 am and ended at midnight.  A long day, but often frustrating due to the lack of customer support.  On my first flight, I was delighted that we landed a few minutes early, making it relatively easy to catch my tight connection.  That delight turned to annoyance as another pilot had pulled his plane into our gate by mistake, and there was no other gate available for us, so we were kept sitting on the tarmac for 30 minutes.  I ended up having to jog through the airport to get to my next flight, which was, of course, at another terminal.  That pilot’s simple error rippled through the airport, delaying many passengers and creating unnecessary angst.  It again reminded me of the importance of quality in all that we do since its impact can be significant in so many ways.

Bud has a dedicated quality team, but our focus has been on building quality into the product, not finding it once it has occurred.  Each member of our team has been educated on all of the issues related not only to the product, but to the tools and equipment that they use.  They understand that a small error on their part can ripple through our entire facility in a variety of ways, delaying products, requiring rework, and most important, inconveniencing the customer.  With ongoing training, lean production techniques, and a dedication to quality, you can be assured that the electronic enclosure you buy from Bud today will server your needs in the years to come.