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Customs are standard at Bud Industries

Published on: March 16, 2012 by Blair Haas

Although Bud has over 2500 standard products, one of our best customer support functions is designing electronic enclosures that meet the specific needs of the engineer.  This work can range from modifying a standard enclosure to creating a unique housing to meet very exacting requirements.  For a quick view of what Bud can do to standard products, check out our video on customizing enclosures or see some samples on the customs page of our website.


I was recently involved in a very unique enclosure situation.  It involved mounting a circuit board, like so many applications, but the enclosure needed to encompass flexibility as the components mounted on the board may shift through the design and early production phases.  This meant that drilling specific holes for the connectors and input/output devices would not be possible, yet the product needed to be produced in large numbers while accommodating the flexibility.  Taking a cue from our large racks, we decided on an oversized box with cutouts in the base.  This would allow the input to be neatly coordinated through the base while allow for their ultimate connection site to be flexible.  It also was a cost effective solution as it did not require the drilling of many various sized holes.


The Bud team is always ready to help find the most creative and cost effective solution at a price that insures the success of your products.  Contact us for answers to any of your enclosure challenges