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Cabinet Racks Redefined

Published on: May 25, 2012 by Blair Haas

Bud is in the process of redefining its family of 19” cabinet racks.  We brought out our first welded rack in 1959 and have been at the forefront of both design and function ever since.  While it is true that these enclosures have evolved in style and features, the basic function has not changed; the need to take 19” equipment, the norm in the industry, and to provide security and style to the product.

Our review process for the cabinet racks has involved extensive survey work of current and former users of Bud’s offering to gain insight into what they like and do not like about our family of products.  While overall there is a strong positive feel to the line, there are some interesting features that we will look to include in the next generation.  These range from casters that can be readily removed or folded out of sight to decreased assembly hardware with more creative approaches to equipment mounting.  An interesting side note is that there continues to be a strong preference for black cabinetry as opposed to the brighter colors of the past including blue, sand, and gray.

As we move through this process, please don’t hesitate to let us know, either by responding to this blog, via email, or phone, if there are features that you wish Bud offered that we do not.  We look forward to your help and to keeping you updated on our progress.