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The Top 10 Issue in Selecting Enclosures for Harsh Environments

Published on: June 22, 2012 by Blair Haas

Choosing an enclosure is typically considered to be an easy task.  Review the sizes of the components that are to be enclosed, determine the basic dimensions required, check on the aesthetics, and select the right box.  When evaluating the enclosure needs in a harsh environment, the decision becomes more complex and meaningful as the wrong choice can be fatal to the end product.

Below is a quick review of 10 issues to consider when selecting an enclosure for use in a more challenging location.


  1. How Harsh is Harsh?  The selection of protection levels can significantly impact the product choice
  2. Do all Component need to be protected?
  3. Does the box need to meet outdoor/UV requirements?
  4. How will the electronics be vented/cooled?
  5. How heavy is the equipment being installed and are there any restrictions to the weight that the overall product can be.
  6. How are the components going to be mounted?
  7. How is the enclosure going to be mounted?
  8. What are the aesthetics involved.
  9. Price is closely related to aesthetics and materials. .
  10. Plan for modifications.


While the technology involved with enclosures is relatively simple, the need to make smart choices remains important.  A quick application of the above checklist will insure that the balance between the best protection and the best price will be optimal.  And in all situations, remember that Bud is ready to provide assistance at every step of the way with a large selection of NEMA enclosures